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January 2023 Section Recap

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January 2023 Section Recap

MBCA Triangle Section – January, 2023 Section Recap

The new year is underway and we have a full schedule of events lined up for 2023!
Our year began with a new slate of Section Officers – familiar faces in some familiar roles, some in new roles! Our Section Officers for 2023 are:
President: Christopher Smith
Vice President: Steven Robinson
Treasurer: Steven Hamelly
Secretary: Pam Redwine
Events Coordinator: Bill Faison
Editor-in-Chief: Christopher Smith
We had two events that section members participated in this month – Sandhills Motoring Cars & Coffee and our 1st Quarter Business Meeting and Luncheon.
The Sandhills Motoring Cars & Coffee takes place on the first Sunday of each month (rain or shine) in the beautiful and historic Village of Pinehurst. The event is well attended and brings a wide variety of automobiles and automobile enthusiasts. If you have not attended this one, be sure to check it out, we would love to see more Mercedes-Benz out there!
Learn more about Cars & Coffee
On Saturday, January 21st, Garibaldi’s hosted our section for our 1st Quarter Business Meeting and Luncheon. We had 20 members in attendance and we were joined by Hagerty representatives Carol Huff and Paul Kaperonis, who recently joined forces in the auto insurance industry. The food was fabulous and the camaraderie was outstanding as we discussed section events, national goings-on, and general club information.
Enjoy some photos in the gallery below from each event!
We are also looking for content for our Quarterly Newsletter – if you have an article to share with us, or want to tell us about yourself, or your Mercedes-Benz, please reach out to me via email on ways to help!

Drive Like You Mean It.
Chris Smith
Section President