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StarFest 2018

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StarFest 2018

Visit starfest2018.mbca.org for more information!

StarFest® is the flagship for Mercedes-Benz Club of America’s greatest national event and will be hosted by the MBCA Alabama Section in 2018. Various track events and the StarFest®2018 Concours will be at the heart of Alabama’s Racing heritage settled in the beautiful Alabama countryside. Including the 17 turn Barber road course, Barber Proving Ground, Barber off-road, and Talladega Superspeedway. Every participant will be able to enjoy an enhanced tour of the Mercedes-Benz US International factory on the C-class production factory.

Since 1998, StarFest® has a rich history of bringing members together to appreciate the Club’s heritage and appreciation of Mercedes-Benz classic and modern cars. The event brings together drivers and friends for casual and competitive events, and offer special access to internationally recognized track venues, automotive museums, behind the scenes production of Mercedes-Benz, technical sessions,  safe-driving courses, and much more.

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